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Trukai Industries Ltd has embarked on a major corporate campaign called “I Love My Trukai”.

The “I Love My Trukai” campaign was first launched in 2016 with the aim of “connecting the hearts and minds of Papua New Guineans’ by driving awareness of the company’s history, investment and commitment to PNG since its establishment in 1970.

250,000 I Love My Trukai T-Shirts were also distributed during this time in a nationwide “Gift with Purchase” promotion.

“The launch on the 1st July 2018 marks the second phase of this campaign”, said Trukai Industries Ltd General Manager Sales and Marketing, Mr Andrew Daubney.

Mr Daubney said the company has a very extensive corporate social responsibility program and this campaign is about telling these stories in a fun way that directly connects with the public, especially shoppers and our consumers.

“The campaign covers our support towards local charities, PNG sports men and women, rice farmers and also our very own employees who are at the heart of our organisation.

“We support various charities around the country to help them pursue the wonderful work that they are doing in our communities from looking after vulnerable kids, city youths, health through the fight against TB and people living with special needs and others.

Apart from being the number one household food brand in the country, Trukai is also a name synonymous with sports in PNG over many years and that is something we are passionate about.

“Our support covers local community sports programs right through to the elite sports.

“We employ over 1,000 local Papua New Guineans and we support tens of thousands more through our distribution and family networks.

“The company is able do this simply because; every time a packet of our Rice Products are purchased in the shops, this enables Trukai to reach out and invest in local communities, in our employees, in our sports men and women, in local rice projects and others.

“Whenever a shopper picks up a packet of our Trukai rice products, they are making a conscious decision to help Trukai continue to pick up our people and give back to the communities. “Shoppers need to be aware of their ‘purchasing power’ and how their decisions on what they purchase in their local shops can make a huge impact on the lives of many people across the country.”

Mr Daubney said the objective of the campaign is to reaffirm Trukai’s commitment to PNG, to celebrate these stories, and to keep people picking up Trukai, so that Trukai can continue to “pick up’ Papua New Guineans across the country.

The campaign runs from July 1 to August 31st 2018 across all communication platforms which include one of the most unique TV commercials PNG audience have seen in a long time.



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