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About Trukai

TrukaiIn the local language, Trukai means ‘really good food’ or as the locals say it ‘top tucker’. The familiar yellow, red and green packaging is key to Trukai’s image throughout Papua New Guinea and people have a strong affiliation with the brand because Trukai Industries encompasses much more than just rice.
In Papua New Guinea, rice has become a convenient and nutritious dietary staple, along with a food of choice. Rice competes successfully with more easily grown local foods, such as sweet potato and other root crops, because it stores well, requires little water or fuel to cook, and provides a satisfying and tasty basis for a variety of family meals.

Trukai’s main operations base is located in Lae in the Morobe Province, its main marketing office is in Port Moresby, and 10 additional sales centres are located throughout the country. Trukai also has a vast food distribution network across Papua New Guinea which supplies rice to all communities at the same affordable price.

Trukai is proudly 33 per cent owned by the people of Papua New Guinea through the Pacific Balanced Fund and its 40,000 national shareholders. Trukai’s majority shareholder is the Australian rice-food company SunRice, which is Australia and the Pacific’s leading rice production, manufacturing and marketing company. The company enjoys an excellent relationship with Government, and through sponsorship of sports, health and nutrition, is a highly regarded corporate citizen.

Our People
Trukai is first and foremost about the people. To Papua New Guineans, Trukai is ‘bilong yumi’ or ‘our rice’; the brand truly belongs to them – in their homes, in their communities and across all regions of the country. The people are the lifeblood of Trukai Industries and key to a prosperous future for Papua New Guinea.

The company is committed to providing employment to Papua New Guineans and Trukai means jobs for farmers, stevedores, office staff, mill workers, truck drivers and associated industries. Through employment and training, Trukai offers knowledge, so that Papua New Guineans can gain expertise in producing food that will ensure a nutritious diet for future generations.

Agriculture is at the core of Trukai Industries and as a company invests K200 million in local agricultural industry infrastructure. This includes a 220,000 tonne capacity rice mill and packing plant; 12 national supply centres servicing more than 80 wholesale and retail distributors; a 2,500 hectare Erap cattle farm; and the Gabmatzum Rice Research Farm.

Agricultural diversity and self-sufficiency are vital for Papua New Guinea’s future and joint venture farming arrangements, such as those between Trukai and traditional landowners, are positive steps forward.

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Trukai rice is traditionally associated with health and strength; however the company’s interest in promoting a healthy lifestyle for Papua New Guineans extends far beyond diet. Trukai has an active and far reaching corporate responsibility program which has contributed in excess of K10 million to ongoing health, education and sporting programs over the past 10 years. The company contributes both financial and in-kind donations to a range of local initiatives in these areas.

In particular, Trukai is a strong supporter of programs targeting HIV/AIDS and malaria education and sponsors charities including City Mission and Cheshire Homes. Community events, such as provincial shows are also very important to Trukai and it is a major sponsor of The Mask Festival in Rabaul, the Milne Bay Kenu and Kundu Festival, the Goroka Show and the Morobe Show.

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