Trukai Industries | Careers
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“At Trukai, we don’t provide you a JOB, we provide you a CAREER.”

Trukai Industries Limited, continues it’s commitment to Papua New Guinea as one of the largest employers in the country.

With approximately 1000 employees benefiting from direct employment within the business, it is also estimated that an additional 100,000 Papua New Guineans indirectly benefit due to the Trukai’s operations in PNG (immediate and extended family members of staff, farmers, stevedores employees, labourers, professionals, technical experts, truck drivers, sales and marketing people and many more)…

Trukai regards its staff as its most important and valuable asset, providing a challenging, dynamic and rewarding work environment. Regular talent assessments, development and succession plans, provide Trukai staff with endless opportunities for career advancement.

Trukai Industries is truely Papua New Guinea’s employer of choice!

If you would like to join the Trukai team, please send your CV with supporting documents to: