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Trukai Industries has one of the most extensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in PNG. Establishing itself in the community, as an organization actively engaged in promoting healthy living, it does this not just through its products, but also in its long term support and partnership of sports and local events.

Trukai is not just a ‘good corporate citizen’ but a leader in its industry, paving the way for other organizations to follow suit.

Papua New Guinea Sports Federation

Sport is a nationally unifying factor in Papua New Guinea, and Trukai is proud to have a long association with the Papua New Guinea Sports Federation and the development of internationally competitive athletes. Keeping with the company’s long tradition of supporting sport and fitness in Papua New Guinea, Trukai has contributed large cash and in-kind donations to the Papua New Guinea Sports Federation to help pay for the preparation of the Papua New Guinea team at the South Pacific Games, the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games.

Specifically, Trukai has directed sponsorship towards weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding, due to Trukai Rice’s popular association with health and strength. These sporting bodies have been successful in obtaining more than 30 medals for Papua New Guinea in international competitions. Along with financial support, Trukai has provided dress uniforms and competition uniforms, including tracksuits, training shirts and kit bags to the selected sports.

Trukai Olympic Day Fun Run

The Papua New Guinea Sports Federations major annual fundraising event – the Trukai Olympic Day Fun Run, is also richly supported by Trukai, with nearly 67,000 people nationwide involved in the event across 14 centres throughout Papua New Guinea. Beginning in July 2000, the annual Fun Run exists to raise funds for the nations Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, South Pacific Games and the SP Mini Games representatives and continues to gain momentum year after year.

During 2011/12, the annual Fun Run raised K500,000 for Papua New Guinea’s Olympic Team, while also promoting awareness of HIV/AIDS via messaging on 80,000 Fun Run Shirts. The Fun Run is one of the only social sporting events nationwide and it is particularly unique as it brings communities together to join in a fun event which supports and raises awareness of prevalent social issues.

North Queensland Cowboys

Trukai is also a major supporter of Papua New Guineas national sport – rugby league. Trukai is proud to be a part of developing the sport throughout the country and has a strong sponsorship program and association with the coaching staff of popular NRL side, the North Queensland Cowboys. Trukai has been a proud sponsor of the Cowboys since 2009 and together Trukai and the Cowboys have contributed to many great Papua New Guinea initiatives and event, including the Trukai Olympic Day Fun Run.

The Cowboys have been active in Papua New Guinea communities, developing the sport of rugby league with coaching clinics, training for local coaches, assistance with staging tournaments for the North Queensland Prides, and generally helping to raise awareness of the sport among the nation’s youth.