Trukai Industries | Our People
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Our People

For many Papua New Guineans, Trukai is ‘bilong yumi’ or ‘our rice’. It is a brand that has been truly embraced by the nation and is trusted by generations of families. Trukai takes pride in this relationship, and is committed to empowering the people of Papua New Guinea. This commitment is driven from the very top of the Trukai busines.

Greg Worthington-Eyre

Chief Executive Officer

“We are more than just a ‘rice’ company… we are a corporate citizen focused on empowering the people of Papua New Guinea…”

GM - Operations

“Trukai Operations aim to do it right, not just the first time, but every time, every day and everywhere. It is our mission to deliver the highest quality products nationwide, by being in the right place at the right time, through an efficient and effective supply chain…”

Andrew Daubney

GM – Sales & Marketing

“Trukai is the number 1 food brand name in every Papua New Guinean home, and we will continue to maintain this position through our excellent customer service, impeccable trade standards and superior marketing and innovation programs …we aim to provide the highest quality products and service to the people of PNG…“

GM – Operational Risk

“In an industry where the risks are high, it is my prerogative to provide superior protection to the business – its people, its assets and its business processes, nationwide, using world class security practices and technologies…”

Andrew Lawson

Chief Financial Officer

“To be recognized as the best financial corporate citizen in Papua New Guinea, maximizing shareholder value through best practice process, whilst delivering excellent internal & external customer service…”

Stephen Tatt

Senior HR Manager

“We aim to be PNG’s no.1 ‘employer of choice’. At Trukai we recognize that our people drive our success, and that is why our top priority isn’t just identifying and recruiting high performing Papua New Guinean’s… it’s also about developing their potential and encouraging their growth by providing a high performing, culturally intelligent and safe working environment…”