Trukai Industries | Our Story
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Our Story

Our History

Trukai’s relationship with the people of Papua New Guinea spans over 45 years, beginning on February 17th 1970. The organization was initially incorporated as “Ricegrowers – Australia Pty. Limited”, and in its humble beginnings distributed only a single type of white and brown rice packed in polysac bags.

The company and its product range have grown since then, however one thing remains the same; Trukai’s commitment to the people of Papua New Guinea.

As the leading supplier of rice in Papua New Guinea, Trukai is proud to be the only rice business that manufactures its products locally, employing more than 1000 Papua New Guineans, and supporting thousands more through family networks and indirect employment across the rice industry supply chain.

Trukai’s main operations base is located in Lae in the Morobe Province, with 11 additional sales centres throughout the country, providing a vast and very robust distribution network.

Trukai’s majority shareholder is the Australian company SunRice, which is Australia and the Pacific regions leading rice production, manufacturing and marketing company. Trukai’s is also proudly 33% owned by the people of Papua New Guinea through the Pacific Balanced Fund and its 40,000 national shareholders.

Our Name

The name ‘Trukai’ originates from a phrase in the local tokpisin language; “trupela kaikai”, and when translated this means ‘really good food’. Trukai products continue to live up to this name, providing wholesome and nutritious meals to many generations of families around Papua New Guinea, resulting in “Trukai” being the country’s most trusted and recognized food brand in PNG.

Our Logo

Our logo is representative of our company’s product benefits and its people.

The ‘traditional PNG style face mask’ – represents our pride in our culture and heritage.

The ‘traditional head dress’ which adorns the mask, is of a locally grown rice stalk – representing our roots in rice, the core of our products and the dietary staple of all Papua New Guineans.

The ‘traditional face paint’ of the mask, of red, yellow, and green – shows off our pride in our unique identity as an organization.

The mask is captured ‘smiling’ – symbolic of the satisfying taste that our product brings to families across PNG and the trust gained from providing high quality products.

Our Colours

The familiar yellow, red and green colours are key to Trukai’s image throughout Papua New Guinea, and are representative of our brands promises to always provide:

TruQuality, TruFlavour, TruHealth

Yellow – represents our continuous strive for excellence in delivering high quality products to the people of PNG.

Red – represents our confidence and commitment in providing exciting and flavoursome products.

Green – represents our commitment to the health and safety of our people and the people of PNG.