Turmeric Rice


Turmeric Rice


1kg Trukai Jasmine rice
Garlic finely chopped
1x small onion finely chopped
1 cup frozen mixed veggies or you can use chopped fresh veggies like carrots/beans etc
1 teaspoon Sesame oil (can add more if you like)
1 maggi chicken cube
3 tablespoon turmeric powder (or you can add or reduce if you like)

How to cook

  1. Add oil to a deep/flat pan or electrical frying pan
  2. When oil and pan is hot add garlic and onions and stir till onions turn translucent
  3. Add raw 1kg Trukai Jasmine Rice and stir altogether until rice grains are browned
  4. Add sesame oil, maggi chicken cube and turmeric powder. Keep stirring
  5. You can add a pinch of salt or pepper if you desire. Keep stirring
  6. Then add 12cups of cold water with frozen mixed veggies or chopped fresh veggies and stir well
  7. Cover pan with lid to cook
  8. Keep checking pot and stir well from time to time until rice is cooked. If need be add a little bit more water till rice is cooked
  9. Serve with your favourite protein

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Turmeric Rice
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