Who We Are

Owned by the people

Who We Are

Trukai Industries is two thirds owned by SunRice Group. SunRice is a global food business and one of Australia’s leading and most trusted food exporters with sales, marketing and operations spanning the globe.

Trukai is also proudly owned by the people of Papua New Guinea through the Melanesian Trustee Services Limited (MTSL). MTSL  are the trustee managers of Pacific Balanced Fund (PBF) and its 22,000 national shareholders.

When you hear the name of Trukai you may think of the familiar yellow, red and green packs of PNG’s favourite rice. But Trukai Industries encompasses much more than rice. In fact Trukai Industries has since 1970 been a major producer and marketer of the most important staple food for PNG.

Trukai is also about people; providing employment to all types of Papua New Guineans from the islands to the highlands and from villages to the towns. Trukai means jobs for farmers, stevedores, office staff, mill workers, farmers, truck drivers, and so much more. Trukai also offers knowledge. Papua New Guineans are gaining expertise in producing food that ensures a nutritious diet for future generations of our people.