Trukai celebrates an early Christmas with Cheshire

Trukai celebrates an early Christmas with Cheshire

Trukai celebrates an early Christmas with Cheshire

Trukai Industries celebrated Christmas at the Cheshire Disability Services with a special lunch on Thursday 14 December.

This is the third time Trukai Industries had hosted a Christmas lunch for the residences and have announced it to be an annual event.

Present at the luncheon were the staff and residences of the Cheshire Disability Services, Trukai’s Brand Ambassadors Chef Julz Henao, Cecile Davani from Peak Fitness, Florence Daple East Street Fitness and weightlifting gold medallist Dika Toua. Cheshire’s Program Support and Operations Officer Tom Sarwon thanked Trukai for bringing Christmas to Cheshire and commended the company’s continued support in various forms of donations.

“Trukai has always been a part of Cheshire for many years and this support can be seen through the lives of our people living with special needs,” said Sarwon.

Cheshire’s General Manager, Benson Hahambu thanked Trukai for bringing Christmas to Cheshire Disability Services describing the company’s support as a blessing.

“From the initial creation of our signage to concluding another successful year, Trukai has been the backbone of Cheshire and our people, “said Hahambu.

Trukai Industries Marketing Manager Maryanne Tom, said the company was pleased to support organizations like the Cheshire and emphasized on Trukai’s continued support in areas of nutrition and its annual donations towards the charity.

“Our first Christmas luncheon was hosted in 2021 and it was a great success especially with the residents so we pledged to make it an annual event. We hope we can make it bigger every year and have more supporters come share the Christmas cheer and spirit with us,” said Tom.

“Trukai has been a supporter of Cheshire for 18 years and this is because of the work that they do – they care for the less fortunate especially people living with special needs and we will continue to support them for many more years to come,” Tom added.

Through Cheshire’s community-based rehabilitation programs, the organization reaches more than 1,000 people living with a disability, changing the lives of families and communities. The program ensures that people living with special needs get the proper medical rehabilitation through trained physiotherapists and nurses at Cheshire’s clinic.

The centre is also proud of its education program, facilitating the learning of more than 50 children with special needs. Cheshire has a school-based program, where students attend classes, and its home-based education program, where teachers facilitate learning to the students at their respective homes.

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Trukai Industries has demonstrated its commitment to helping empower people with special needs through their support of organisations like the Cheshire Disability Services.

The rice company donates 100 kilograms of rice every month to Cheshire and donates cash towards the annual Red Feather charity event hosted by the Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae who is the Patron of the Cheshire Disability Services.