Trukai commends Karkar Rice Farmer

Trukai commends Karkar Rice Farmer

Trukai commends Karkar Rice Farmer

A Karkar islander in Madang has become one of the first rice farmers to be trained as an Irrigated Rice Farmer under Trukai Industries’ Smart Farmer program.

Bob Lango from Kuruntaur Village in Karkar Island is proud to be a pioneer under Trukai Industries’ rice cultivation program.

Lango was among 105 local rice farmers who attended the Smart Farmer Program at the PNG University of Technology earlier this year and have completed their final assessment. They will be presented with a certificate in Irrigated Rice Farming later this year. 

Lango was grateful to be a part of the Smart Farmer Program and thanked Trukai Industries for its extensive agriculture program.

“In my opinion, Trukai is more than just rice because the training that I had undergone has enhanced my skills in cultivating my rice which means I can now venture into a small holder business and help to sustain my family with our everyday needs,” said Lango.

Lango has dedicated three hectares of his land to rice farming and is enthusiastic to encourage more farmers on his island to sign up for the Smart Farmer Program.

Trukai Industries’ Rice Development Manager, Aina Davis said that the modules in the training is designed for local farmers to become small holder farmers then transition into semi commercial and commercial farmers. 

“The Smart Farmer Program focuses on the basics of irrigated rice farming and is for farmers of all levels from elementary to commercial base farmers,” said Davis.

Davis also added, that in addition to providing training to the farmers, Trukai also provides essential materials to encourage the rice farmers to grow complete their final assessment to obtain their certificate.  

“We provide the farmers with rice seeds, fertilizers and technical guidance ensuring that they meet the requirement to become fully certified irrigated rice farmers.” 

Trukai Industries’ Chief Executive Officer, Alan Preston said the company is committed to promoting local rice farming. 

“Our partnerships with tertiary institutions like the PNG University of Technology and the Pacific Adventist University demonstrates Trukai Industries’ support for local farmers and therefore is our contribution towards rice development in PNG," said Preston.