Trukai feeds children in need

Trukai feeds children in need

Trukai feeds children in need

Trukai Industries has increased its support for a local charity organization for children living and impacted by the HIV epidemic.

The rice company has been supporting Links of Hope’s Port Moresby site since 2019 with monthly rice donations and now has extended its support to its Mt Hagen site. Trukai Industries has also raised funds during its charity drive at the National Football Stadium during the PNG Hunters home games early this year totalling K2,292.

This monthly donation will go towards Links of Hope’s Child Sponsorship Program and will cater to 330 children ranging from 3 months to 18 years old in both their Port Moresby and Mt Hagen sites.

Board Chairman of Links of Hope PNG John Bromley was grateful for the support stating that it will have a huge impact on the children in their program.

“As a not for profit organization this support will have a big impact on our operational expenses and we can now focus our attention on maintaining our programs for the children that we support. Our mission is to empower individuals and impacted communities by lending a hand to children and families impacted by the HIV epidemic,” said Bromley.

Trukai Industries’ core areas of support include education, health, people living with disabilities and sports.

CEO Alan Preston said such donations to charities like Links of Hope demonstrates Trukai Industries’ support for vulnerable members of our communities who need help the most.

“It is through our donation towards Links of Hope’s Child Sponsorship Program that we hope to have a positive impact on each child’s upbringing and livelihood,” said Preston.

The purpose of Links of Hope’s program is to make sure that children are happy and healthy by ensuring that they have adequate care at home, are successful in school and attend routine clinic appointments.

Through Links of Hope’s Child Sponsorship program, the charity organization supplies a monthly care package to all children which include a packet of Roots Rice and other essential food items such as flour, oil and tinned fish. This also include personal care items like soap and they equip all children with uniforms and school supplies at the start of each school year.