Trukai gives 4,200 kilos of rice for Christmas

Trukai gives 4,200 kilos of rice for Christmas

Trukai gives 4,200 kilos of rice for Christmas

Trukai Industries donated 4200 kilograms of rice this month during its charity drive to hospitals, correctional establishments and non-government organizations.  

Under its Tru Care Brand, the purpose of this donation drive was to give back to members of the community who were unable to be a part of the Christmas festivities. This program has been an annual activity that Trukai Industries had been carrying out for 8 years.   

The company donated 1.3 tonnes of Trukai Rice to 13 Correctional Service establishments nationwide with Trukai Industries staff visiting the Buimo and Bomana female detainees. The
female detainees were given care items consisting of towels, blankets, sanitary pads and soaps while plush toys were presented to their babies.  

Bomana Correctional Service Female Division’s Sergeant, Sarah Tamoko was grateful for the visit thanking the company for bringing the spirit of Christmas to the female inmates.  

“Thank you to Trukai for remembering our sisters serving time here. Even though their families are celebrating Christmas without them, Trukai has brought the joy of Christmas to us here at the female division of Bomana,” said Sergeant Tamoko.   

While Buimo Correctional Services’ Senior Inspector, Elias Tulo, expressed the same sentiments.

“This is one of firsts for Trukai to visit us here at Buimo’s Female Division and it is nothing short of a blessing to receive these gifts. Many of our females here hardly have their families visit and
we thank Trukai for opening their hearts to us and for remembering our women this festive season,” said Senior Inspector Tulo. 

Correctional Service Commissioner Stephen Pokanis was grateful for the support stating that it was not the first time for them to receive such a generous support from Trukai Industries.   

“Similar donations of rice were done some years back, and including 2022 to some of our Correctional Institutions. On behalf of all my Officers, our families and on behalf of all our Detainees and their families throughout Papua New Guinea, we thank Trukai Industries for your kind and generous support to our Detainees in all our Correctional Institutions,” said Commissioner Pokanis.  

Trukai Industries also donated a total of 900 kilograms of Trukai Rice to main hospitals across the country. These included Port Moresby General Hospital, ANGAU Memorial Hospital, Mt Hagen General Hospital, Goroka Base Hospital and Nonga Base Hospital.  

Trukai Industries’ staff also visited the children’s wards at Port Moresby General Hospital and ANGAU Memorial Hospital where both patient and caregiver were given Christmas gifts.   

Trukai Industries’ CEO Alan Preston said, “Since this is the season for giving, we would like to extend this kind gesture to give back to members of the community who have been forgotten by
their families or are less fortunate to participate in the festivities of this season”. 

“We would like to extend our gratitude to our partners who had assisted in making our December Charity Drive a success and to the establishments that were willing to have us visit during this
time,” said Preston. 

Trukai Industries also donated two tonnes of rice to the 12 charities it supports each month with rice donations. These include City Missions in Port Moresby, Lae and Madang, Links of Hope in
Port Moresby and Mt Hagen, Lae Cancer Foundation, Welkam na Bel Isi Centre, St John Ambulance, Life PNG Care, Cheshire Disability Services, Samaritan Aviation and Mt Sion Centre
for the Blind.