Trukai gives K10,000 to historical Hagen Show

Trukai gives K10,000 to historical Hagen Show

Trukai gives K10,000 to historical Hagen Show

Trukai Industries Limited has given K10,000 in sponsorship and 100 bags of 10kg Roots Medium Grain towards this year’s 62nd Hagen Show in Mount Hagen, Western Highland Province.

Hagen Show Manager, Laurence Pena, thanked Trukai Industries for its continued support throughout the years, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to preserving local Papua New Guinean culture.

“This year marks the 9th consecutive year of Trukai’s support to one of the country’s historical cultural show dating back to the early 60’s.”

Trukai Industries’ Marketing Manager, Maryanne Tom, said that the company will continue to promote culture in Papua New Guinea through various cultural activities and programs.

“Cultural events such as the Hagen Show is a great way to showcase our proud culture and heritage. Additionally, times are tough so events such as these cultural shows brings together corporate businesses like Trukai, tourists both local and international and SMEs to support local economies demonstrating community spirit and unity – this is something Trukai is proud to support.”

“We’re excited to sponsor the Hagen Show again this year and are committed to supporting this festival for many years to come,” said Tom.

The two-day weekend cultural show commenced on the Saturday 19 August and concluded on Sunday 20 August.

Trukai Industries had a booth set up and conducted rice sampling as well as fun games such as the Trukai Quiz and Pass the Ball, which has always been one of the crowd favorites.