Trukai increases school fee promo

Trukai increases school fee promo

Trukai increases school fee promo

Three years into its Back to School Promotion, Trukai Industries is pleased to help more parents and guardians this year.

“Casey Kwasam, Trukai’s Brand Manager said, “We understand how stressful the start of the school year is for many parents and guardians, hence this promotion is to help support them with their children’s stationery, uniforms and all other school needs”

This year we want to help more parents which is why we have increased our number of winners to 600, giving participants more chances to win and reward our loyal Roots Rice consumers.

Anita Yan an excited mother from Paparom in Kubalia East Sepik says that this promotion is timely as an added incentive that will help parents and guardians with their school fee payments.

“Hard cash ya, em money mi holim na mi go helpim mi yet na go top up na adding lo baim skul fee blong pikinini blo mi”.

The “Roots Winim School Fee Promotion” began on January 17th and is set to end on March 14th across all 22 provinces nationwide, culminating with 600 winners walking away with K500 each.

Trukai Industries will be giving away a total of K300,000 in cash at the major draw set for March 16th.

To take part, customers can buy any 10kg Roots Medium Grain rice, write their name and contact details on the empty bag and place in an entry box at a nearby participating store.

Winners will be contacted by the Trukai Marketing Department once verified.

Check out the Roots Rice Facebook Page for more information.