Trukai Industries donates five tons of rice to Mulitaka District, Enga Province

Trukai Industries donates five tons of rice to Mulitaka District, Enga Province

Trukai Industries donates five tons of rice to Mulitaka District, Enga Province

The Enga Natural Disaster Committee received five tonnes of rice from Trukai Industries as a disaster relief donation to the people of Mulitaka District who were recently affected by the devastating landslide.

This donation will be distributed between two care centres in Mulitaka and Yambali with the assistance of the Australian Defence Force, the PNG Defence Force and the United Nations who are supporting the committee with logistics.

Trukai Industries’ CEO Alan Preston reaffirmed the company’s support for local communities.

“Trukai Industries has always been there for its people especially during times like this where Papua New Guineans are impacted by natural disasters. This donation signifies our commitment to our people and demonstrates our support towards the Hon. Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, Chairman and Provincial Administrator, Mr. Sandis Tsaka, the Enga Natural Disaster Committee, and all the combined efforts of international donor agencies and disciplinary forces on the ground. We hope this donation brings some form of relief as people slowly rebuild their lives and come to terms with the loss of families and loved ones,” said Preston.

Trukai Industries’ Highlands Regional Sales Manager Peter David, presented the donation on behalf of the company at the Enga Provincial Government Office, and expressed confidence in the Enga Natural Disaster Committee’s work.

 “We are reassured that our donation will reach the people who especially need our help because of the effective communication and coordination of the distribution of donations to the impacted villages by the Enga Natural Disaster Committee, led by their Chairman and Provincial Administrator Sandis Tsaka,” said David.

Upon receiving the rice donation from Trukai Industries, Director of Planning for the Enga Provincial Government Natural Disaster Committee Ben Sarett extended his gratitude on behalf of Hon. Governor Sir Peter Ipatas and the Enga Provincial Administration.

“I would like to thank Trukai Industries for this donation and we appreciate your support towards our people. The donation that you have given will be stored here in Wabag town then it will be sent to distribution centres. We have received local and international assistance from our partners as we continue to help the people who are suffering from this disaster,” said Sarett.

Since the landslide disaster on May 24, it is estimated that 7800 people have been impacted and many are suffering from the trauma experienced from this devastating event. 

Trukai Industries Ltd as part of its TruCare brand has donated 28,460 tonnes of rice towards natural disasters over six years.