Imagine having to care for over 400 plus children all the while juggling a full-time job and carrying out three mobile school programs.

While over-whelming, this is the life of Collin Pake, the founder of Life Care PNG a charity organization which has for the past 15 years helped looked after and cared for disadvantaged street children.

Collin was sharing his struggles amid triumphs with Trukai Industries representatives who were on hand to deliver 300 kilograms of rice over at his Gerehu stage 1 residence on Tuesday.

While thanking the company, Collin says that the rice will help him and his family run the center which to date has 45 residential kids with a further 400 plus that come in for regular feeding and support.

The organization boosts a legacy which Collin shared has been the main motivating factor that has pushed him to continue with his work.

Collin says that with 6 of his Cares now in university, and others coming up in high school and upper and lower primary, he welcomes help and support from many of his partners.

Trukai Industries since 2015 has helped the organization with a total of 6 tonnes of rice to date, a donation which the company has maintained as part of their support to Life PNG Care under their TruCare, Trukai Industries’ corporate social responsibility brand.

On hand to hand over the rice was Trukai’s Marketing Manager, Maryanne Tom who was happy to show support to a worthwhile cause.

Amid Covid-19 restrictions, Collin says that his organisation has struggled to maintain support but thanked Trukai who has been consistent in supporting his work to date.

“I aim to give each of the children under my care, a family system that they can grow under, each support I get is much appreciated as it goes a long way to help care for these kids” Collin said.