Trukai Supports victims of Mt Uluwan Disaster

Trukai Supports victims of Mt Uluwan Disaster

Trukai Supports victims of Mt Uluwan Disaster

Over 15,800 people affected by the recent Mt Ulawun volcanic eruption in West New Britain, received a donation of four tons of rice. 

Trukai Industries presented this donation to the West New Britain Provincial Disaster team on behalf of the displaced population who are currently residing in the nine care centres that have been set up.  

Trukai Industries CEO Alan Preston said, “We have always been there for the people of PNG, especially during times like this. 

“Through our Corporate Social Responsibility Program this donation will help sustain the affected population that have had their gardens and cash crops destroyed by the Mt Ulawun volcanic eruption,” added Preston. 

Care Taker District Administrator Hubert Kava was grateful for the donation as he received it on behalf of the West New Britain Provincial Government. 

“This donation is timely as the food rations that were supplied to the care centres have now run low so I would like to say thank you once more,” said Kava. 

“The disaster team will have the donation arranged and transported to Biala where our forward base operations centre is. From there they will have the rice distributed accordingly as we move forward in monitoring the food supplies in the care centres. Thank you for the support that Trukai Industries has given to us, this will help our people,” he added. 

Trukai Industries’ support highlights the company’s strong culture and values built on the responsibility to humanity, the environment, and ethical standards. 

Throughout Trukai  Industries’ long history, we’ve come to the aid of Papua New Guineans, which is evident through the 1997 El Nino drought, the drought in 2015, the earthquake in 2018, recent floods and landslides.