Trukai gives away almost K2 million in promotions

Trukai gives away almost K2 million in promotions

Trukai gives away almost K2 million in promotions

Each time you see or hear a promotion being set up in and around stores or blasted on media know that there is more to the promo than meets the eye.

Companies like Trukai Industries under its ROOTS brand has over the last quarter given away almost K2 million worth of cash prizes.

Brand Manager Casey Kwasam says that with Covid 19 heavily impacting the community, Trukai wanted to give back to loyal consumers, hence in the last quarter alone, the company has ran four promotions that have collectively given away K1.9 million.

From giving away K500,000 in the “Win a Share” promotion, then K400,000 respectively in the “Bikpela Cash Giveaway” and the recent “Winim School Fee” promotions, this time around Trukai is giving away more than half a million kina in the “Lukluk insait na Win” promotion.

“With both the instant Win Tickets, as well as the “Try Again” option to enter a draw, we are giving our consumers more chances to WIN when they buy a 10kg Roots bag during this promotion period”

And with up to K600, 000 in prizes, Casey says that this promotion is just another way for the company to give back to their loyal Roots consumers.

“Our current promotion is innovative in its approach as it gives our consumers instant gratification”

“We aim to deliver on our promotions as both a reward to our growing consumer base and a testament to the strength of PNGs Roots Rice Brand, hence we've taken a new approach to engaging and rewarding our consumers on an even larger scale then previously"

To enter, consumers simply:

1. Buy any Roots Medium Grain 10kg rice. Look inside to find a golden ticket with a chance to win instant cash prizes ranging from K50, K100, K500 or K1000.

There are even free 10kg Roots bags up for grabs.
When an instant win ticket is found, winners are asked to go into any of the nearest Trukai Office to verify and redeem their prize.

2. When a try again tickets is found, there is the option to enter into a sweepstake draw to win K1000.

Participants are asked to write their contact details at the back of the try again and place in entry boxes at participating stores.